Dr. Kai Tang


Department of Mechanical Engineering

    Hong Kong University of Science and Technology     

Clear Water Bay, Hong Kong, China


Phone: (852) 2358-8656; Email: mektang@ust.hk









Short Bio

Dr. Kai Tang was born and grew up in the ancient capital city Nanjing of China. He graduated from the No. 13 middle school of Nanjing in 1977 and was fortunate to continue on to go to college after the universities in China had been virtually shut down for 10 years due to the Cultural Revolution. He went to his hometown university the Nanjing Institute of Technology and received BEng in Mechanical Engineering in the Spring of 1982 (class of 21-77-1). Afterward, among the first selected by China’s Education Ministry, he went to the University of Michigan in 1984, enrolling in the Department of Electrical Engineering and Computer Science, where he received MSc in 1986 and PhD in 1990, both in Computer Engineering. From 1991 to 2001 for 10 years, he worked as a software specialist in software industry, mostly in the area of Computer-Aided Design and Manufacturing software development. He also for a short period of one year worked as the chief engineer in a start-up company focusing on voice recognition technology. In June 2001, he “went back” to school and joined the faculty of the Department of Mechanical Engineering at Hong Kong University of Science and Technology.


Academic employment

Industrial employment


Dr. Tang has extensive industrial and research experiences in CAD/CAM and design and manufacturing automation software development. His research interests concentrate on designing efficient and practical algorithms for solving real world computational, geometric, and numerical problems.

Research areas

Past and current projects

     Total amount of research funding as sole PI: HK$47M





Current students:

Lau, Tak Yu (PhD)

Bi, Danjie (PhD)

Chen, Yuanzhi (PhD)

Chung, Man Fai (Tony) (PhD)

Hao, Jiancheng (PhD)

Deng, Xiaoke (PhD)

Wang, Dingwen (PhD)

Wang, Yihe (PhD)

Zhang, Wenze (PhD)

Xu, Pengda (MPhil)

Ding, Yuzhu (MPhil)


Graduated students:

JIA, Jinyuan (PhD)

WANG, Nan (PhD)

CHEN, Zhanqing (PhD)

CHEN, Ming (PhD)

HU, Pengcheng (PhD)

Quan, Lulin (PhD)

XU, Ke (PhD)

Ni, Feng (PhD)

Dada, Oluwaseun John (PhD)

Zhang, Rong (PhD)

Jing, Bichen (PhD)

Lai, Yuen Hoo (PhD)

Chen, Li (PhD)

CHEN, Lufeng (PhD)

YAN, Qianhang (PhD)

WANG, Jiarui (PhD)

Cai, Xin (PhD)

LI, Yamin (PhD)

LI, Zhaoyu (PhD)

XIE, Fubao (PhD)

Kwing Fung, Wong (PhD)

He, Dong (PhD)

Wang, Xiangyu (PhD)

YEUNG, Brian (MPhil)

CHEN, Hao (MPhil)

CHEN, Kun (MPhil)

ZHOU, Zi (MPhil)

CHUNG, Man Fai (MPhil)

LAU, Tak Yu (MPhil)

Ji, Guosheng (MPhil)

Shing Chun YU (MPhil)




Now and then, here and there, I occasionally write something, not on PDE, not on geometry, just some instantaneous thoughts on life, the world peace, love, etc. My dream since child is to be a writer, well, perhaps in my second life.



I like to sing, and wish I had some formal vocal training.  These songs are recorded by a MP3 player using a HK$80 microphone. Drop me a line if you feel they are not too annoying.



Very often, when I read an article, I can't help but want to take off my hat and salute to the author and say "THANK YOU!". These are some collections and I hope they will enrich my and your lives.